What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I’m thinking about buying Transport Fever and Tyranny when I have more time (=less amount of work in office) + some patches are already out… kinda tired of all the beta stuff on steam already…


I’m thinking about buying the Combat Mission, but there are a few of them. Is the new (Final Blizkrieg) better or rather a stand alone expansion?


It is most likely which setting you are prefer. Final Blitzkrieg does have all the new features and is kind of good, but I don´t own it yet. Final Blitzkrieg ist about the late war in the west, approximately after Market Garden, so it is more a stand alone expansion to Battle for Normandy with all its features.
The fight about Aachen, Battle of Hürtgenwald, Battle of the Bulge. It does not covers a lot of the war, but the quality is very good, even if the game plays very bulky.
Which version you want to buy is most likely depending on the setting you would prefer.
There is an update for 10$ for the Battle for Normandy update to 3.0 version, so on the technical side Battle for Normandy is on the same level as Final Blitzkrieg and it is just a decision of the setting.
I own Shock Force with all modules (unfortunately this game is a bit out of date, some recent features are missing and the graphic in the newer games are better.) and Battle for Normandy with Commonwealth and 3.0 update. It is important to be up to date for multiplayer, which is really awesome in Combat Mission. Because of course you will need to have the same version as your opponent.
I also can play with people who don´t have Commonwealth forces, if I leave this units out, but not with people below the 3.0 update, version number musst be the same.
I can not recommend the Commonwealth forces, unless you are a real fan of the British forces, but they play a bit strange with their units.
I will buy Final Blitzkrieg and Red Thunder in the next time. I am not sure about the Black Sea part, which is a modern war in the Ukraine, developed before the shit was hitting the fan there… same is for Shock Force which plays in Syria… they really know about predicting the future.

However, if you want to buy Red Thunder, Final Blitzkrieg, Battle for Normandy or even Black Sea, there is not much of a difference, just pick your favorite setting,
I would love a mid 80s cold war setting, but this game is not in development yet.


Playing COC which is really enjoyable for me. I like this to play.


I play Tribal wars, Battlefield 1,4, Rainbow Six, Miscreated, State of decay.


Wolfenstein the new order. I just wish you could play as the good guys.


Anyone here playing Steve Jackson’s Sorcery series? :slight_smile: It’s a nice return to fantasy world much better than Tolkien’s or even Sapkowski’s.


fantasy world much better than Tolkien’s or even Sapkowski’s.



Thou shall not speak shit about thy god Sapkowski!

On the other hand, I will check that, sounds interesting :slight_smile:


Frankly, Sapkowski is one of my favourite authors as well, but he offers a bit too much idealized world - humans, elves, dwarfs, wizards… unlike Kharé, Baklands or Mampang, which are full of weird creatures… So if I ever lived in fictional world, I’d always choose to live in the city of Kharé :smiley:

Which reminds me I have yet to start building up my version of Kharé in Cities: Skylines…


I am playing Doom, GTA and Downtown Drift


I’m enjoying STEEP currently (among other games). It’s a lot of fun actually.


I am thinking about second walkthrough of The Last Guardian.


I’m currently playing Bravely Defualt *which has been really addictive actually. Really enjoying it

And trying to slowly work my way through FFXV… it could of really been such a great game. I’m disappointed that the actual scope doesn’t match the ambition and expectation. Never the less, it’s still a good game. Just not a great game imo.


Children of a Dead Earth, a realistic space warfare simulator where you can build your own ships and components.


That’s a good movie, even a better book!


From the latest news… Operation: Flashpoint goes LIVE:

Malden is gonna be capital. Poor Everon.


What’s everyone think about Vampyr so far? I know we haven’t yet seen a great deal… but what we have seen has got me really intrigued.

Be interesting to see what articles come out post the #WhatsNext Focus Press Events that were being held over the last couple of days :thinking:


I’m still at Metal Gear Solid V TPP, which I started playing pretty late (like over a year after it came out). Like almost any game, I play it with mouse & keyboard.


Hearts of iron 4. Srsly paradox, not funny. Its 1am again, how am i supposed to get up to work, tomorrow??