What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I just spent 40 hours within 5 days playing Avorion…helluva addicting game, combination of space engineers, eve, freelancer and x3, great game for EA still.


The Game?
I’m very excited. I like the technique and effects of powers.
Reminds me a little bit on Better Vampires for Schm(Sk)yrim
But it would be smarter and more awesome with a very very beautiful female model :sunny:


This looks like the type of game where you literally say goodbye to real life for a while :smile:

So you definitely recommend?


Well if you like any of the games I listed, then definitely yes :slight_smile: There are missing features sadly still, but even the core game is fun as hell in my opinion, and ship building is relatively easy to get into, yet it doesn´t lack possibilities and options.

My problem with starmade and space engineers is, that you have to spend ENORMOUS amount of time to get your resources and such to start building something worthwile and its really complicated and tedious. And after you have done building it, there is not that much to do after that :confused: Avorion does it differently, its very easy to start building basic ships, and then immediately take it to the action, get more resources and continually upgrade and build new ships. Very addicting, very fun :slight_smile:

And yes, amount of time I spent just fine tuning visual details of my ships is… almost embarassing :smiley:


I’ve started a new round with the latest available version of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod,
“Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5 +fixx17.9”


They still make stalker mods? Could you recommend some? I usually enjoy the gameplay and visual enhancements/overhauls.


recommend… no, not really… i’m only interested on mods with the old concept and with old maps from builds. I recommend for Shadow of Chernobyl the “Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5 +fixx17.9” Mod

For Call of Pripyat the “MISERY” Mod.

Clear Sky… idk^^
But there is another good one, NLC 7 (idk for which game)

**[quote=“jackalj, post:430, topic:22269”]
They still make stalker mods?
Yeah many… but most are from russian people.
Main Link to one of the best STALKER Mod pages on the world^^

Direct Link to the forum


Maybe there is one day a KCD mod with children, dog companion, blacksmithing… :wink:

Back to topic:
Play at the moment Watch Dog 1. (mostly using only hacking, stealth, no wepons)


To this day i have archived every available version of KCD :wink:


I’ve just started playing this little early access game called Battle Brothers.

Man, this is a cool game. It’s got a M&B type feel overall, but with strategic turn-based battles. I recommend you guys check it out if you’re keen.


I’ve been trying to remember that game for so long but I could never find it again. Thank you for posting it.


Steep just got free 4.2 gb update featuring Alaska - Mt. Denali area :mountain: :open_mouth:


i want to correct my last post about STALKER…
If you want to play “Oblivion Lost Remake” try 2.0 or 1.1
they are more bug free… idk what the author and community did with the latest 2.5 and fixx 17.9 :confounded:
or download, try/play “Lost Alpha” (the improved version of Oblivion Lost Concept) :sunny:


Anyone tried that ghost recon wildlands beta(that is ofc just a demo but they dont care to call it that…)?


After the division and the very boring gameplay I saw of it, I think I will skip wildlands.
When it was announced, I got excited because it had some cool ideas. But the gameplay video’s I’ve seen, don’t intrigue or excite me at all.


Well, I downloaded it and did half first mission and I can say that you are totaly… Right, I got bored half way into first mission, turnd off and turnd on netflix…


So lately I have been playing a litle bit of Arma 3 again. My problem with that game is that I dont know what to do… Play alitle bit of single player, open world style mods for awhile then get tired. Then move on to Exile online for ashort time and get tired of that and continues like that all the time and never find something I play for a longer time…


Everything I have seen on YouTube comparing The Division against Wildlands essentially says the two games are massively different from each other. Watching the game-play of The Division, and based on my experience playing the Wildlands “beta”, I will agree with the people making the YouTube videos that these games are totally different.

I would highly recommend at least giving Wildlands a try. My only critique of the game is the helicopter flight controls being a bit wonky (nothing like Battlefield controls), however the response to this from the community has been significant and I believe they will likely fix it (or the community will).


Currently I am playing:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, beta

Robocraft beta


I meant that after another dissapointing game (the division) and the not interesting game play I saw of wildlands, I’m not going to buy it.

Because they made promised onboard the hype train, chugging itself to the release of the division.

And in the beta most people noticed that a lot was different then the teasers or news articles let us to believe. So there is a game that looked interesting, and become quite boring and not what I hoped it would be.

Here come’s wildlands, it doesnt look interesting to me. Rumours of repetitive gameplay and missions. So I’m not buying this, atleast nog dor full price.

Atleast Wildlands has ‘chopped’ stickers on their cars.