What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I am playing boardgames :wink:

Also I did begin playing again Total War: Rome 2 (total realism project mod) and Medieval 2 Total War mods:
third age , Broken Crescent (sadly CTD a lot), Europa Barbarorum 2 and looking for a good European medieval period mod.
I must say that combat in the newer TW titles is better (or the mods for newer games are just better). The total realism mod for Rome 2… I lost a battle last night. And you don’t lose your entire army when you do. I had less casualties (around 20%) but my troops were disorganised and several morale Mali made an impact.
For comparison, in Broken Crescent, in a battle between 500 guys (me) and 2500 (opponents) I managed to win with about 80 losses. Sure I used the walls and they are tough (in a good way. They are not too tough imho. Better balanced than 3rd age imho) to take but still the AI is worse and combat is not as well balanced.


I just have to update this. The open ‘‘beta’’ I tested I did on PS4, since my laptop was dead and I have no idea if that matters. But anyway, on release I wanted to test it on new PC to, and bought on steam ofc even if that is more expensive then uplay but then I get refund possibility atleast. And the game is acctually pretty good, apart from optimization. And I think when I tested the beta I had kind of wrong expectations to the game since you simply have to forget everything that is called realism and what you learnd from old Ghost Recon games…

So is the game perfect? no far from, speccially not if you plan to play single player or expect good optimization. But it’s still a good game, speccially if you want to play coop


Name of the Rose…Great movie!


I’m currently playing No Man’s Sky. Not worth the price at the moment but with the last 2 updates, it’s better than the game at launch.

Also just started Dungeons & Dragon Online again after putting it down in '08. Having a blast playing with my wife.


Arma 3 testing 64bit.


Exanima? anybody?


Any improvements in performance? Is it running better?


Ive been playing alloy of Rust.

My buddy setup a Medieval Rust RP server.

Its been going reallu well, we have a shogunate faction and a faction of vikings.


How does that work?


they all die yelling like psychos with their naked butts…


Sounds like standard rust to me… :smile:

I made the mistake of being kind to nakeds on one server. The next day i look outside my window and 15 of them are clamoring for food and clothing. Had to put most of em down sady


Mass effect andromeda, enjoying it so far.


Because its only mod :X

Don’t play Rust, I bought it because of my friend, but we never played together. Played that once, running naked all around the map, searching for someone to be friend with. Then smashed his head with my huge rock. I took his rock so I had two of them (I thought maybe i can use them as double gun??) Then he returned and smashed my head by his huge rock. So he had 3 rocks.
Beautiful game.


Theres allot of plugins that promote RP play.

Guns are disabled and uncraftable.

Combat has been balanced around melee and bows.

I don’t frequent RP servers but this one is more like medieval Rust life. lots of KOS bandits.

Im known as the lumber jack becuase theres titles based on who has gathered the most resources ( I use alloy of wood).


Ive got a monastery and a villagr growing around it.

Peace is dynamicly inforced by players.


Sounds interesting.

I loved legacy rust so many good memories, can’t seem to get into new rust sadly.


Pretty sure some of them are consisting of you naked in bathroom with your rifle…


Not much improvement on FPS, as expected, but the stuttering is pretty much all gone with 64bit. For me atleast


I went on a great journey to the beyond. Past Mt ever rust where no resources or animals spawn. I truly found myself out there.


Do you play vanilla or modded? If you use mods, which ones?

Repeat after me: “I’m not a Doctor Strange”, now repeat it three times in a row.