What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Dr. Strange is a stupid asshole with hand powers. I am something far greater.


Soo, he can jerk off. Envious?


Yes, i didn’t have any cloths on that great journey and i lost my dick to frostbite.



From my own gameplay experience. Yes. Smoother performance .larger view distances with little fps cost .


What region is that server based in? Sounds interesting.


Right now playing "Why the hell Android can’t connect to my HTML files on local LAMP server???"
Very immersive FPS/RPG with RTS features…


Its currently being Hosted in Texas. The server owner is looking to relocate though since most traffic is from the eastern US and Europe.


Playing Mass effect Andromeda, I think its really fun. Sure the animations are wonky that might also be because the faces of most human characters look more alien then the actual aliens… But combat is a lot of fun, has a good feel to it.
Story is a bit too light hearted, way to many jokes and silly stuff… in which the faces they pull aren’t helping.

And when ME:A is crashing on me and I don’t feel like restarting it again. I’ll play a bit WH40K Inquisitor Martyr, a decent diablo/van helsing type game set in the grim dark.
It has a long way to go, its still early days for that game and they just released their game as a early acces. Looking at the roadmap of their game, it should improve quick.
After their 2nd update it already did inprove a lot.


Actually I’m playing Elite Dangerous and Torment: Tides Of Numenera.


fixed that for ya :smiley:


Ahahahah!!! You’re right. After 11 hours I didn’t any fight. :laughing:


After my Motherboard died last weekend, a new one, a complete new begin with main system hdd, losting www links, I’m now expanding my Half-Life Universe archive with many be… unse… i mean with good stuff :kissing_heart:


265 GB of Steam’s games?


Mass Effect Andromeda


Not of steam**'S** gameS
It is an archive which i started at the rls day of Half-Life 2
It contains retail and beta content of…
Half-Life+ Half-Life 2+ Episode One+ Episode Two
with LeakNet content, Anon, AxelProject, Rising the Bar,
many many very good models +materials +sounds from 2002-2003
(most are collected in past and some are from members of facepunch)
The E3 Preview Movie CD with fullscreen movies (collected on a old hl2 fan site in 2004) Videos, Trailers, demonstrations (fan and official), Dreamscenes (record by me), Screenshots, Concepts, Artworks, Interviews (PDF or movie), Documentations, Tutorials, Tools (e.g. hlmv for several engine versions) cuted maps…
It is so much about HL2 that i can’t remeber what is in there and what is not^^
(now i’m downloading an Beta Complete Mod for Episode Two too)
Portal 1 and Portal 2 +Beta content like the old portal gun
Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 cuted maps and props for world
Team Fortress from 2000 to the Orange Box TF2
Counter-Strike +his betas from v1 to Condition Zero beta
or Global Offensive beta with old weapons like mp
Steam betas with some gadgets for it and for the games wich are purchasable.
Some of the files are dated really from the years 1998 to 2009.

And on one day, i was so pissed off that my desktop is full of these steam game ink’s
So i’ve created my own launcher to start my purchased valve games
It is using the INK command of each game (steam://rungameid/****)
And prevents me from steam to installing vcredist’s again and again^^

I spent most of my life with this game.
It is absolutely my life task :sunny:

The chestneck texture is fully recreated by me! :sunglasses:

I know self praise smells bad,
but i was the person who showed Filip Victor how he can do as quick as he can a language audio fix for his famous Half-life 2 Update :sunglasses: <3
By the way, which he didn’t improve but integrated and didn’t mention my name in credits
(workarounds can still be found in steam with link to my profile)

So Warhorse Studios… I hope you will do the same with my mind and brain :smile:

My Kingdom Come Deliverance archive folder… atm! I hope it will get his own hdd in future :wink:


Exanima & Battle Brothers must have.


Now I am playing Fallout New Vegas :slight_smile: I played Fallout 1 and 2 (long time ago) but never actually played 3 (or 4)
and I must say that I really like New Vegas
story is great


Bought Steel Division: Normandy 44 recently in pre-order. Hell of a game. Seems to be slower paced than Wargames, and knowledge of terrain is much more important as there are no sectors that must be captured to gain points. Movement of frontline completely changes tactics, which is really good! Wargames started to be kinda boring with this approach.
Maps are so far good, however I’d like to see something more than flat terrain. Maybe final release will give us some height-advantage maps?
Units are cool and I’m really looking forward to experience full potential of current decks.
However, I’m still very unsure about ABC phases of battle. Don’t know what Eugen aimed for, with this feature, maybe to slow down whole game and avoid instavictories?


1.Overwatch 2.nier automata