What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Don’t keep your hopes too high cause maps are based actual battle areas around Normandy, so flats and more bushes comin!


Did you play Omaha already? There should be at least one point where is considerable height advantage. I hope it won’t be flat :smiley:
However there was a few battles in normandy, taking place around some hills, so I hope they will make it into the game.


Changed and fixed maps are
Pillar of Autumn
Truth and Reconciliation
The Silent Cartographer Classic
The Silent Cartographer Evolved
Assault on the Control Room

Screens are from Evolved Mod but it is an part of SPv3

The target of this modification is to create a similar feeling and style like the Master Chief Collection but only for the PC version of Halo Combat Evolved.
The SPv3 Mod is designed only for the Halo Custom Edition.
Download for CE: http://hce.halomaps.org/?fid=410
(You need an serial key to install it)
The latest 1.10 patch for the Custom Edition and OpenSauce 4.0 to load one of the new (.yelo) maps. Both patches are included in SPv3 download archive.

And here is the The Silent Cartographer Evolved map/mod in his latest orginal state

If you installing SPv3 you will have an new UI to start both versions

I’ve adjusted SweetFX settings from another game to Halo CE, Now it is darker and colors are now more saturated

And if you want to play the vanilla Halo in third person view or with an modified FOV you can download the 3rdFOV.exe from my mediafire account

I take no responsibility for the files.
But they have used for years and never had problems
CREDITS @ every member who working for or has worked for CMT (Custom Map Team)

EDIT: Every content IS NOT compatible to the german version of Halo Custom Edition
It works but with many crazy sound crackles and other strange sound things


So I finished Fallout New Vegas. I really enjoyed story and game overall. I bought Dark Souls 2 but I dont have time to sink in. So what should I play next?


Seems not bad.


yeah, vikings look quite amazing to be honest




P.S. Vikings really good, but have a lot of bugs. I spent an hour for last battle.


ok, Hearts of Iron 4 again. Played USSR for first time. Srsly, that much OP? Just build up your industry from beginning, start mobilizing early and conquer all those tiny little countries around, and mighty Reich goes to hell. Nas mnogo!

btw theres cool new map with terrain elevation in Steel Division, Normandy 44 :))


A Free Online Modification Built by the Community

Built by the Halo Community
ElDewrito was created through the hard work of well known Halo fans,
developers and modders like DEElekgolo, Gamecheat13, Lord Zedd and many others.

+ElDewrito is open source and downloadable for free. Visit GitHub
+tweak the game to look or play how you like with the FMM’s library of downloadable mods. Get latest version
+Extends Saber Interactive’s Halo 3 derived PC exclusive - Halo Online. Visit SubReddit

NET. Framework WebInstaller
(Required for Launcher)

The Multiplayer Experience Microsoft Didn’t Bring You!
With tons of mods available and a small but loyal community,
ElDewrito provides the multiplayer Halo experience you always wanted on your PC.


SInce I heard some praise on them, I’ve just downloaded two games on sale in steam, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Dark Souls 3 and played them a little.

But I’ll probably be returning them both. One word: the controls. I really wish KC:D has something much different when it comes out (if ever). And maybe I should also try harder to get past the character creation screen in DS3 (it always freezes… wtf?!).


Yesterday I tried to play it

Good idea.


Prey - I did not expect this, but it has been a long time since I enjoyed a game that much. If you loved system shock 2 you should buy it now for PC.


playing Shadow of Mordor and its really not that good as reviews said
I know it is couple years old but still


Shadow of mordor is quite interesting game.

I kinda liked it at first, but then was really disappointed, because the story is stupid and you are doing the same actions over and over. But I forced myself to play till the end.

But! After a year or so I installed it again because I realized that one thing is actually pretty good in the game. And its killing orcs.
If you want to just start a game and kill some hordes of orcs, there is no better game than this. Combat can be really engaging if you get in the thick of it.
It’s still repetitive but if you know what you want from the game then its quite a fun.


I have 18 hours in the game and I still play because I want all achievements :smiley: nemesis system is interesting and it had really good moments but it is really repetitive.
I did not finished story yet but I am in second location and I have 53% of the game. And yeah story really sucks. Combat is easy at this point…I can kill few strong captains together like nothing. But I will probably buy Shadow of War :smiley:


Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy ▲ If you like lightsaber battles then you must play this game. A lot of various missions, which create different gameplay situations or just unique locations and all of them are very beautiful (despite the game was released in 2003), acrobatic etudes with lightsaber and without it, many types of enemies and, of course, gorgeous battles with the Sith using the main weapon of every Jedi. Truly, ☼ One of the Best Star Wars Games


Outcast from 1999
Epic game :slight_smile:


Few days ago I finished Shadow of Mordor and that final boss “fight” is just ridiculous :slight_smile: you press 4 buttons and you win…congrats…
Now I play Wolfenstein The Old Blood and final boss fight is true boss fight (über difficulty)


When i played Wolfenstein Old Blood for the first time, I intended to play on easy mode. The only thing that made me change my mind was that cool picture of the Blazkowitcz next to über difficulty.

And the game was great.
Shame though, that the best part was the prologue.


I played New Order on über first time so I didnt really think about it (I like how all three achievements pop-up :smiley: )
Old Blood is amazing but New Order is way better of course and yes first part was better than second half

I cant wait to see new Wolfenstein on E3
story, music, gameplay…everything is perfect with these two games :smiley: well I will replay this cuz I left so gold behind :slight_smile:

what do you play Proky?