What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I play KCD mostly :smiley:

With that little time I got left after work I spend it mostly playing Warthunder, Playersunknown battleground, league of legends and I also try again bit of Tera (terrible graphic design, but fun gameplay)

Haven’t played singleplayer game in ages, but I am thinking about trying Prey. It’s supposed to be good.


you lucky bastard :smiley:


Hmm… something there does not add up :rolling_eyes:


what you don’t count the voices in your head?


Last night i played KCD for the first time! My other favorites atm is Enderal, Path of Exile, FO4 and Prey.


Fallout 1 (first time) :slight_smile:

DVD Video:
Just finished: The Musketeers
which was filmed in Czech Republic. Nice castles and beautiful landscape. Can´t wait for KCD the movie… :smile:


Here my glorious Singleplayer Modification,
It’s more an unlocker with some improvements from me like dismembered feature, blood and many other things… and merged some other packages



I’m playing M&M 6 Mandate of Heaven and I plan to finish 9 till the KCD is released. I played all of the series when I was younger but never finished one. It is first person RPG like KCD so it kind of puts me in the right spot of similar game that was one of the best in its era. If all goes right, KCD should also come up very originally and graphics are already outstanding.


Kind of back and forth right now, been playing Watch_Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Tekken 7, and Quake Champions.


the mainstream offerings recently have been utterly atrocious. i’m playing a submarine sim/game called cold waters. i also picked up rising storm 2 vietnam, but that got repetitive.


I was keeping an eye on that, but I am not really conviced yet. Can you recommend it?


Arx Fatalis is always in my heart. Sad, that Arkane never going to make a new game. :c


It looks like (identical to?) an updated Red Storm Rising. As I still play that title from time to time, it could be something I might pick up at some point.
I’ve watched a few fumble through aspects of the game in reviews/let’s plays that were obvious to me as a long term RSR player.


All i can say is,
I found the reason why there are so many threads in forums with one theme about crashs with Nvidia and one game wich can get 200% of honor if ppl using modifications!

And here is one picture with what you need that the game will not crash anymore if you replace one single…
model, texture, animation, sound, music, records, differences and/or system data!
It’s completely no matter what has been replaced…
With an Windows System, an Nvidia Card, the latest driver for it AND Mafia with one replacement,

So if someone with an Nvidia card want to play it again with Shader mods etc…
4players have an archive for some cards :wink:

My Nvidia Card is GTX760

It would be nice if someone can give me feedback if it worked on other cards than GTX760 and HD3870 or 5770 (they are AMD but it would be nice for notes about latest driver for others too!)



After two weeks of research and editing of existing modifications i’ve finished the following games with/or HD textures, high poly models, Sounds, Gameplay changes, widescreen support, Better ways for startups, Ready2Play/portable conversions, foregin languages for each group of enemies, blood, symbols…

Mafia 1 (Enhanced View Distance, HD textures, high poly models, adjusted mechanics)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault (Recreation of 1.0 US version with 1.0 EU and latest US version, HD textures, Uncensored/Blood, symbols, German and english language in one)
No One Lives Forever (German Language for 2000 Retail, working on dll translation)
Vietcong (Compatibility Patches and some config tweaks)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (German and english language in one, Uncensored/Blood, symbols, additional erotic/nude patch which is compilation of all mods BUT fixed)
DOOM 3 BFG (merged most of the available modifications to got everything in one mod +HD textures)
And now im working on BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2


Gothic 3
Gothic 2
Mount and blade warband


I’ve just finished Blood & Wine… overall pretty happy with how it rounds out Geralts tale. It’s a bit of a tongue in cheek fairy tale ending in a faux fairy tale world. I don’t think the main story piece of the expansion ended quite as strongly as it could have. But in saying that, I still enjoyed it.

I’ve also been doing some random grand campaigning as Saxons in Total War: Attila

Anyone got any good recommendations? :slight_smile:


I play Stalker for the first time. I can not believe a missed this awesome game before when I was younger.


Don’t forget to play Lost Alpha Mod after retails :wink: