[Bug] Visual issues with various garments

There are some hilarious and also irritating visual issues and glitches with various garments in the game. This is what I discovered so far.

I. The “arrow in the knee spot” problem

Item involved: Tight green hose

By some peculiar reason Henry has an odd “knee problem”: if he put on some specific clothes parts of his knee can be seen through those clothes. This includes even Henry’s default “Tight green hose” (!) he is wearing at the beginning of the game, as well as all other “tight” hose. Male NPCs wearing same clothes are affected with the same visual problems, by the way.

Is that a Skyrim easter egg, I wonder?

1 - Tight green hose: Henry’s knee, the inventory view

2 - Tight green hose: Henry’s knee, first person view

3 - Tight green hose: Henry’s knees, free camera

II. The plate chausses knee problem

Items involved:

  • for example Nuremberg Plate Chausses
  • and also almost every other leg plate armor in the game

It is basically the same problem as the one above, but with almost every leg plate armor in the game.

4 - Plate leg armor: Henry’s knee, the first person view.

III. Slit throat problem

Items involved:

  • Brocade outer jacket
  • and also almost every other jacket with high collar in the game

If Henry (or a male NPC) is wearing Brocade outer jacket it looks he has a slit throat.

5 - Brocade outer jacket: slit throat (look closer to the neck!), the inventory view

6 - Brocade outer jacket: slit throat, in dialogue view

7 - Brocade outer jacket slit throat: free camera view

IV. Noble’s Hood problem

Items involved:

  • "Noble’s Yellow Hood"
  • maybe other noble’s hoods too

Noble’s Yellow Hood is not correctly displayed as the outer garment, if you have any body plate armor on you.

9 - Noble’s Yellow Hood glitch: in the inventory view

10 - Noble’s Yellow Hood glitch: free camera view

V. Broken neck problem

Items involved:

  • Fancy shirt
  • Decorated caftan

If you put on Fancy Shirt together with Decorated Caftan it will cause a vary hard deformation of Henry’s neck. On the other hand. putting on Fancy Shirt or Decorated Caftan on their own does not cause any deformation effect.

11 - Fancy shirt and Decorated caftan: broken neck (look closer!), the inventory view

12 - Fancy shirt and Decorated caftan: broken neck, in dialogue view

13 - Fancy shirt and Decorated caftan: broken neck, free camera view

VI. Invisible boots problem

Items involved:

  • High Boots
  • Leather Boots
  • maybe some other boots too

The listed items are invisible on Henry’s feet.

14 - High Boots are invisible, the inventory view

15 - High Boots are invisible, first person view

Why this is a bug and/or a glitch:

Obviously all the garments in the game should look the proper way. The listed ones are not looking fine so far. So, please, fix their glitchy visual representation.

Additional thoughts:

I am not sure I discovered all of the buggy clothes (and also their combinations) in the game. Would you be so kind to appoint some of your QA-testers for checking the subject at hand?

Game version:

1.8.2, PC, GOG-version



Interesting, although I’ve never had the slit throat and the broken neck problem. The problem with invisible boots will be addressed in the next patch, but otherwise these are very good observations. Why don’t you send them to the official support?

I write the bug reports here and send the direct link to the topic on the forum as an email to support@kingdomcomerpg.com. I believe that is enough.

But why to bother writing them here in the first place?

Didn’t I answered that question of yours already?

Yes, really. My memory starts to let me down :slight_smile:

Can confirm, and several others as well. Waffenrocks clip when a cuirass is worn underneath, which is to say virtually all of them. Padded coifs also have clippings issues, especially around the ears when a kettle helmet is worn without a mail coif. When wearing both padded & mail coifs, the padded coif will clip through the mail coif around the edges when wearing a scarf, although this is improved slightly with the 1.9 patch, it’s still present.

Without Cuirass

With cuirass

Bump on no. 2, leg plate armor.