Completely impossible to escape 3 bowmen on horse at start


if you double tap shift it makes the horse run really fast, if you look back they are hardly keeping up with you…


I think the players who completed it first time are using controllers. I am using mouse and keyboard, so tell me how I can have left shift down AND hit W to go forward AND AT THE SAME TIME try and hit A and D to seer left and right? The horse should have mouse steering!


I hate this part ruined my entire experience its not realistic at all what am I playing matrix??? developer needs kick in the yablokos for this in my opinion I agree with SargeDk I love challenge but this is retarded and stupid.Going over tiny bridge horse falls into the tiny creek and gets trapped like what the hell and when you hit space it doesn’t jump out of it that well plain akward honestly explain this to 2000 people who going to encounter that.


most people had no trouble with this part, maybe you just suck.


Lmfao maybe your talking of your asshole.


Wait until you’re very close to or standing beside one of those horses you’re going to steal. Then whistle for it. This will immediately distract the Cumins and set them after you. If you do this, then you’ll be able to mention your heroism in later conversation with Theresa (and get brownie points for your chivlary) :wink:

Oh yes—whistling for the horse will also earn you a related achievement.


I passed that part already its kinda funny I whistled saved theresa and horse ran up to me then I got on it and didn’t enjoy the color so went back and changed the horse to black color and rode away using double shift but turning left right while hitting left shift is not that easy thx for quick reply!


Another thing I missed on that part was to check the horses speed stats. I didn’t realize you could do this before mounting the horse. It seems the middle horse (the one with a name) is the fastest ride of the lot. The other horses seem to be random ones generated by the game for the Cumin NPCs.

So I’m betting that named horse is the one the castle guards told you to ride…before slamming the portcullis shut in your face :rofl:


I am inside some building now what was the fastest horses name and color I mounted the darker one in the middle I belive. Will we see it again?


I had more fun than anyone with this part.


O rly? N how you manage that?


There’s something very satisfyingly Python-esque about you trolling those Cumin like that.

I’m definitely going to resort to using a very familiar, sharp, pointy, metallic thing instead of chucking those dead trees.

Far more effective IMO.


Go Here for my adventure
And Here for more precisely how


Well mate I went back and got the damn horse olivia or w.e xD must admit controls felt little smoother on her and still in the building will post back soon. Oh I grabed all the food from our house it said I was stealing but felt quite right not like mother or father minded :slight_smile:


This game is what you make of it. After 180+ hours you have to go a little bit out of the box. My intent: was to NOT “RUN!” - give those Cumans a little foresight of a future Cuman-Hunter


Im sorry you making me read things instead clearly putting it out there lol Did you kill the gaurds chasing you?


Yes. 1 first spawns, then another 5 spawn, then the rapists. Killed em all. All Here


Yes yes rapists had it coming very impressive good sir.


Huh a thought just hit me when you saved Theresa what did she say since you killed them? This my last post apparently I can only post tomorrow in 13 hours good bye dudes maybe we talk again.


She says nothing. She stays inside her home. One time I was able to pick the lock but the game only gives you the option to close the already closed door. I tried even peaking inside the windows but didn’t see her