Crashes after 10 mintues of gameplay on 1.8.1 (PC)|Being investigated by WH, please scroll to the bottom of the thread


Would be interesting to know if you start having issues at the 20-30hr mark, it’s the most common playtimes I’ve seen reported with the bug… hopefully this is fixed by then though. Personally I just don’t have it in me to restart at the moment.


Hi all,

I have over 100 hours on this save and all of a sudden since 9 Feb for me it crashes after All that Glitters quest finishes.

For some reason if i finish the quest then it will crash whenever i enter into a dialog with a npc. If i dont finish the quest because i load a save right before i go with Ulrich then the game is fine and i have no issues.

No idea why this happens, never crashed or had any issues before.


After playing 150+ hours, the patch 1.7.1 and now 1.8.1 made the game unplayable.
when someone will tell me to start over again - no, I don’t want to play again…


Same issue - Game crashes in less than 10 min. play.

Updated as soon as it was available and no issues until today. Don’t know what causes this.


Hello, i just registered here to post that. I confirm the problem. After 25 hours, suddenly the game started to crash to desktop randomly after 5 minutes from loading the last save game…no matter what i do. This morning the game was working normally. Now after 25 hours it just broke. Shame on you, devs. I thought after 1 year, the game was finally fixed…seems like i have been fooled. Now i know why this game have such a bad reputation…gg.


I purchased the game after 1.8.1 was released, so I’m not sure if this is correct.


I’m in the siege mission, and until the last update of the weekend of February 9-10 , the game had been perfect. Now, with this last update, when I load the game, more or less to the firts minute of playing, the game is going to the desktop of xbox one. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it, but it’s the same. Also, although it matters less, it takes much longer to “load the file.”


29 hours for me


This is actually probably related to the save file size instead of the play time. Since the size grows the more things have to be recorded in your world. I assume something gets corrupted along the way, or there’s some memory leak included after a certain threshold.


Same problem here,
currently doing “all that glisters” and the Hans Capon DLC quest. The game crashes faster (Instant, when loading - 5 min) when I’m near the Robber Hideout of the DLC or the brigand camp near it. When loading older savegames, it takes longer ( 10 - 15min) to crash.
Next bug ist, that I can not buy anything from the Prybislawitz archery-dude, just the bow contest in the dialogue options.
Last but not least: I can’t do the Sasau butcher’s activity, although he has the activity-marker on the map.


I tried to delete the old savegames files, but nothing changed.

Anyway, i tried to play for 2 mins, before another crash, i was able to save to another city in the game. Now the game crashes right about when the game finish the loading. Seems like there is a “background timing” and when expires the game just crashes, doesn’t matter what you try to do -.-

Report Bugs Here Please!

Can we have an update from developers on this issue please. This is a game breaking bug as cannot play due to the game consistently crashing to desktop.

Only response on the matter I have found.



Yes same problem as you describe, crashes randomly anywhere, anytime. On PC, started happening after 8th Feb, had played on hardcore with no issues whatsoever till that date. Now unplayable.


I received this response to my bug report:


thank you for letting us know, we are working on fix,

QA Team
Warhorse studios s.r.o."

Hopefully they can find out what’s going on and issue a hotfix soon.


Hi everyone,

we are really working on fix. Just to speed up the process, can you send me a PM with a save file, where the game crashes after awhile? We will look at everyone one of them, just to be sure.

Thank you all!


Tried sending you a PM with a save file
got this:

I’ve also sent an email to support email( on Sat, so if it came through - you should have it.

EDIT: And thank you for looking into it, hope it’s resolved soon. Really loving this game so far, but this issue is a deal breaker, I don’t think I’ll restart for the 4th time


I did. Thanks.


same, can’t send. not sure what is a good site to upload it too either. also sent an email with save attached.


Extension of save file is whs, maybe you are trying to send a different file?
Save files are here:
Local Disk (C:)\Users<your account name>\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves


Yeah, definitely sending a whs file
one of these:
‘whs’ is not in the list of authorized extensions for me, according to the message I get when I try to upload it. I’ve only created forum account on Saturday, can that be related?