DLC Roadmap

Here is the Roadmap for future DLCs and when to expect them:


Will there still be patches or is the game now in gold status and all the development effort goes into DLC ?


Wow … So it will start at the end of summer. looking forward! And those pictures are nice, I like Theresa the most.

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Yes, we still have patches in schedule. The next one will be here quite soon.


What´s different in hardcore mode? More enemies, or stronger enemies, or less hp, … or a combination?

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In Hardcore mode you can’t save and you have perma death.


Several different balancing changes. And as far as I know you have to play this mode without HUD, but I can´t confirm yet.


Ok, thanks. Will there be more specific information about each DLC?

Yes, but later, when the DLC will be close. About From the Ashes & Harcore Mode you will hear on E3 :slight_smile:


From the looks of it we will be rebuilding Prybislavitz?

Also is this what you guys were talking about in the viking game tweet?

It would be great to learn more about the Tournament DLC. What exactly will it include? Jousting, melee, archery competition, or will it bring back up the arena fights in military camps that we could enjoy in the beta?


Wow super stoked for these upcoming DLC’s. Hope you have an all in one price for all of them on GOG. You guys are the next CDPR to me and i will continue to support your company. I am really looking forward to hardcore mode, whatever it is. Permadeath? Bring it on, i haven’t died yet in my current play-through. Hope we can turn on Hardcore mode if we have had zero deaths. Can’t wait warhorse for some more fun in KCD!


Look at “From the Ashes”
This is similar to the Rovna Church, I hope it adds a quest line to rebuild it
Remember all those poor souls scattered around the courtyard, slaughtered, burned or even worse…

“A Womans Lot” A quest line about Theresa? If not I still demand more interactions with Theresa

“Hardcore Mode” sounds like a challange to already experienced players, harder combat and survival I hope

“Tournament” and “Combat Academy” already make me unpatient

Modding Support :neutral_face:
I can already see all the nude and secks mods
I hope the KC:D community wont turn into that kind of modding community…
Combat, Gameplay and Quest Mods is what people want

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Could it be Prybislavitz? It has the archway to the ch urch with Runt in it.

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D.Vavra allready confirmed it is not Skallitz or Rovna so I think you hit the nail.


Is it possible to get a brief 1-2 sentence description of each before E3?

Btw, thank you for posting this roadmap here!

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It has a film icon associated with it

It doesn’t have a line connecting it to the timeline (in the middle)

Band of Bastards out before Christmas… that’s good!

so that means if there is a film icon im not allowed to be looking forward to it?
Modding support, could mean a programm like Skyrims Creation Kit, to edit landscapes, adding completely new weapons npcs etc. not just messing with txt. files an changing numbers

Features must be implemented before the ability to mod them. DLCs also make structural changes to the game in many cases (for example, Total War expansions often broke mods). It’s safe to assume it’s last on the list.

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