Hardcore combat system

You do understand that neither view is realistic to real life, correct? First person view has no peripheral vision, which is the one thing third person view provides.

There are pluses and minuses to both arguments. But saying third person is less realistic than first is NOT an argument.

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Actually 1st person veiw IS more realistic than 3rd person view.

Firstly you can have three monitors and wide FOV, then you have peripheral vision.

Also 3rd person view provides you with possibilites that you could not have in real life. like: seeing your body, seeing behind corners, seeing behind yourself.

That is why 1st person view is more immersing because it is more realistic.

Yes it is not an argument, it is a fact.

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with the type of full body awareness system war horse is implementing, i think you get even better sense of spatial awareness and knowing of where you are in relation to other objects than 3rd person, as well. the realism argument for its inclusion has been thoroughly deflated, one would be better served to argue for its inclusion on other merits.

Ok so before another thread dies because of the 3rd person camera argument I will again quote Dan on the subject.

Should you wish to continue the TPV conversation please do so Here.

I have you had any success in learning how to break lock and switch more quickly?

Yes and no. Keep in mind that not EVERYONE has the money or space to run three monitors in an ultra-wide FOV. I have this same sort of argument in whether or not to include range counters and ID tags in WWI and WWII-era flight simulators — if you were to extrapolate the resolution of the average player’s monitor to real-life visual acuity, most players’ computer hardware actually simulates a pilot who would be LEGALLY BLIND.

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Good thing it’s sword play and not dogfighting, you don’t really need a huge FOV to take on three targets anyway. The fact they can get around the back of you that makes you as a person have to work on your situational awareness by moving around rather than having third person mode and not having to worry about enemies positions.

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You’re still not getting it. The average human FOV is about 180 degrees. PC games typically have a FOV of 90 degrees. Consoles generally about 60. If you don’t think that makes a MASSIVE difference in your peripheral version, I challenge you to walk around with a box designed to restrict your view to between 60 and 90 degrees taped to your face.

I swordfight IRL, usually in multiple vs. multiple matches, and believe me, that missing 90-120 degrees makes a HUGE difference. It is NOT a matter of “working on your situational awareness.” YOU ARE OUTRIGHT LOSING AWARENESS YOU WOULD HAVE IN REAL LIFE. It is an artificial restriction brought on by hardware limitation. PERIOD.

Not everyone is able to use multiple monitors to increase their FOV. Either they don’t have the space for three monitors, or they can’t afford the cost of them or the video card to support them.

It’s what’s called “Acceptable Breaks From Reality.” Properly-implemented 3rd person done in a manner that compensates for hardware limitations without exceeding them (IE, not allowing you to peek around blind corners by, say, only rendering people that are actually IN the FoV) is exactly this.


Because walking around a corner and having AI render in is a better alternative? also you are forgetting when you see something in game it is in focus, with your peripheral view you can just see a blur, maybe they could implement something that makes you aware of that but adding 3rd person is a stupid way to implement it.

Not to mention if you have a helmet on you are cheating with third person. You can’t all of a sudden force people into first person because they’d complain about that too.

You say that you are losing a lot from not having 180 degree peripheral but you really aren’t you are losing your ability to relax and not check your flanks. All this sounds like to me is that you want to make the game easier by having third person not because its “more realistic” because of your peripheral dependency.

in real life not everything is rendered to see you have to adapt your view to focus (unlike monitors), sadly we can’t reciprocate eye movement (without expensive gear) so I don’t see why moving the mouse instead of seeing more through third person is even a thing.

Uhh… what? Thats exactly what you need…

All that you saying sounds me like you never did any martial art or fencing and just imagine player should be as restricted as possible becouse the more obstacles means more realism. But that isn’t true.

But as @McWonderBeast wrote, we should move to proper thread.

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I am going off of the current system, When I went against two I almost had no issue’s with FOV

There is no need, I have made my opinion apparent, I don’t think third person is a good alternative just for the extra FOV, there are small implications that make FOV not as big of an issue and if people aren’t willing to adapt, then beg away. You could just try looking around more.

I would like to note I never said the more “obstacles” the better. You have manage to conjure that up quite impressively.

You’re right I haven’t done martial arts, I drive a motorcycle which you could argue depends on it more. I would also like to note you have not made any valid points. All you have done is just said no to everything I quoted.

If you wish to take this conversation further feel free to PM me but there is little to no that I can add.

What you lose on FoV vision can be fixed by good sound system. But if you have one guy in front of you and other one behind you, your only chance to fight them is actually to move around a lot, but if you willing to just turning around each 3 sec like a horny dog, it’s up to you…

ninja style uh? i hope that such thing won’t be present in the final game. the thing is, the game aims to be as realistic as possible and if you parry one attack, you simply can’t parry the other coming from the second opponent. it’s pretty simple. so, should they change it? no. you simply have to find another way of approching that situation. A lot of people claims the combat sistem to be hardcore, even without tryng it…but it simply isn’t. Of course, is not an hack and slash like skyrim, is simply something easy to learn and difficult to master. Btw, if you fight with more than 2 guys you need to switch constantly from one to another, you can’t do more than that. And that’s how it should be. you’re just the average Joe, not some freaking dovahkiin capable of taking out 20 opponents at time.

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