Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


Maybe the new face is the result of Henry eating non-fresh food without meat … :wink:


Because, you know, it was about the same in the entire area during the entire period.


Original face was drab, ugly and clearly placeholder and you fell in love with it?
This must be some serious case of the Stockholm syndrome bro.


Better to be bizarre, ugly and the actual face they’re using, amirite guys ಠ‿↼


Still better than Frogo the Quack.


If you really, honestly think players and the world press would accept the game better with the old placeholder face what does it say about your judgement?


That you prefer the new face and we don’t?

If you want to start arguing that your taste is objectively correct, go right ahead.


You meant to say “we” the majority prefer the new face and “you” the minority don’t.

Also, I didn’t say objectively correct. My point was to ask which one of those two faces would be, in your most honest judgement, better received by the average player and world press. Still no answer btw.


lol, might be a tad awkward for you, but I hosted a poll/thread about this.

The majority did not in fact like it.

You’re one of the only people I’ve seen praising it, not quite sure where you pulled “we the majority” from.



You know what, try to make a straw poll that’s actually relevant for this topic - wether people would actually prefer the game to be released into the wide world with the placeholder face or the new one. Oh and this time make an honest comparison between the latest, polished version of the new face. If the placeholder wins I’d still seriously doubt the judgement of the members of this hallowed site but I would personally apologize to you. See you then.


So your argument is based on the fact that there are only two choices for the developers to make, either keep placeholder or to implement Frogo the Quack.

Because there is no other possibility?

And yes, I stand by the fact that this

is better than Frogo the Quack:


He still looks like a frightened cat to me as he is now.

I still would’ve preferred they kept the old face, but as I said earlier (Post 127 I believe)

Mostly a question, but exactly what was wrong with computer generated Henry? He was average looking and could be intimidating in the right light. The new one looks doughy and not very scary. Even with a sword at my throat I’d still find any form of him intimidating me funny. Its no fault of whoever was mocapped for him, but he is simply not protagonist material (and that haircut is not helping him)

And my answers from:

@SirWarriant the Troll Emperor, who I consider a friend cause he’s fucking hilarious.

Agreed, makes him look like a hipster douche bag who hangs out at star bucks.


computer generated facial animations? :slight_smile:

And @Wicker

Agreed. RPG protagonists need to be malleable in terms of design, able to fit different dispositions.

So I’m still a little saddened that the old face was scrapped because of wanting mocap over computer animations, Personally I’m all for waiting longer if we could have the old face back because right now Henry looks nothing like a main character but rather like he shit himself and is looking for a bathroom but is trying to not make it noticeable. The only way that face is redeemable is if he gets his mocap with a beard.

And come on, he’s the son of a blacksmith. Shouldn’t his face be rough from fire and smoke? A hard face for the man that hardens steel. This one looks like a baker’s son, doughy and soft. And given the backlash Warhorse has gotten for the new face, don’t you think that would probably translate into the game? If we don’t find him intimidating, then are you going to believe he’s intimidating in game? If we find him ugly, don’t you think everyone else in game would see him as unattractive? If we see him as someone we’d rather avoid talking to, what makes you think Lords, Ladies, knights would want anything to do with him?

Obviously this is only an opinion, but it’s an RPG. How can you roleplay someone who looks like they’re going to run at the first sign of trouble, bakes bread for a living, and would be better suited to being in a bath being soothed by his mother because someone called him a mean name than in a tavern brawl cracking skulls and breaking noses then they all sit for a pint laughing about it? You can’t. Well, you can, but still. The face does not fit the time or what you’ll probably be doing in the game. If Henry, with the new face, were accused of murder or theft, I’d say whoever was accusing him was a fucking idiot. No one with that face could do that. But if Henry had his old face, then I would be prone to believe you. The old face makes him intimidating and therefore a much better face for a main character than the current.


You know, I attended once a lesson of Wing Tsun that was led by Czech martial artist Jiri Bittner. He looked like a bit overgrown teenager, he even behaved in similar way. Nothing respectful about his visage - no big muscles, no rough face, always friendly smile … But you should see him in action. Since then I never underestimate people because of how they look.


I saw basting and I was like “Wtf does that mean” lol,
That aside, I am basing it on literature I mentioned before “Medieval Civilization”, Jacques le Goff and “Oxford history of Medieval Europe” ed: George Holmes. Thoose are two most general literatures that lot of us use for citations in our research, also look up the "Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales " its a historical scientific magazine from 1920’s which contains alot of interesting papers, from great historians like Le Goff, Dubby, Block etc… There is also a chrestomathy I read that contains actual medieval scripts on the subject but there is no translation im affraid its called “Ziveti u Srednjem Veku”, R.Radic,V.Jelic. *(Living in Middle ages)


Well I wouldn’t go as far as @TheKnightinBlack and draw conclusions from the protagonists looks as regards intimidation factor.

That doesn’t change the fact that Frogo the Quack is completely unrelatable character.


I think he looks a lot better here. ( could use a few scars still, and a new haircut)

Looks too old for a twenty year old, but other than that i can’t say the face really bothers me anymore. The first picture shown just gave an awful first impression.

Datum vydání a celkový přístup Warhorse

I’m not really seeing an improvement there. Maybe from a 1 to a 2.

I think a fuller (but not long) beard would improve it a bit.


Man, you’re a tough critic :smile:

It’s definitely a better perspective of the face IMO… Hair is still really average though.

Hmmm I wonder what we’ll see at E3 this year. Are WH presenting *anybody know?


Haircut is dope af :smiley: still hoping for change


Wow, Henry looks grate here. Plus he sure doesn’t look like a simple blacksmith son anymore. I’m guessing it’s from a late game where he’s rich and shit.