List of console commands

Here is a list with working console commands

If you know more commands please let me know I will update the list
here is a list with cry engine commands

you can set commands as default by creating a user.cfg file
type the commands (e.g using editor) into a file named “user.cfg” (not .txt)
save the file here: c:\progams\steam\steamapps\common\kingdomcomedeliverance
be sure to set “+exec user.cfg” in steam launch options

Available Commands:

field of view (default 60)

g_showhud 0/1
disable/enable HUD

sets text language e.g. “german” "english"
sets audio language e.g. german english

wh_ui_showcompass 0/1
compass disabled/enabled

wh_pl_showfirecursor 0/1
bow crosshair disabled/enabled (you can only turn off when bow is uneqipped)

wh_dlg_chatbubbles 2/1/0
Disable text above NPC heads
2: base
1: large
0: disable

Time scale: t_scale 1-10
scales time (speed)

r_antialiasingmode 0-11
0: NO AA
1: SMAA 1X
6: FXAA 1X
7: TXAA 2XT1
8: TXAA 4XT1
9: MSAA 2X
10: MSAA 4X
11: MSAA 8X

r_brightness n
Sets the display brightness (default 0.5)
Default is 0.5.

r_fullscreen 1
toggles fullscreen

r_fullscreenwindow 1
toggles borderless window

r_motionblur 1/2/3
1: camera motion blur
2: camera and object motion blur
3: debug mode

r_rain 0/1/2
Enables rain rendering (audio not affected)
0: disabled
1: enabled
2: enabled with rain occlusion

r_rainamount n
sets rain amount

r_ssdoradius n
radius for SSDO (Screen Space Directional Occlusion) a new method for approximating real time global illumination (GI).

r_sunshafts 0/1
disable/enable sunshafts

r_vsync 0/1
disable/enable Vsync

r_sharpening n
image sharpening amount

sys_maxfps n
Limits the frame rate to specified number n (if n>0 and if vsync is disabled)
0 = on PC if vsync is off auto throttles fps while in menu or game is paused (default)
-1 = off

e_volumetricfog 0/1
Volumetric Fog disable/enable

e_viewdistratio n
View distance ratio for objects (default 500)
e_viewdistratiocustom n
View distance ratio for special marked objects (Players,AI,Vehicles)
e_viewdistratiodetail n
View distance ratio for detail objects
e_viewdistratiolights n
View distance ratio for light sources
e_viewdistratiovegetation n
View distance ratio for trees (default 500)
e_mergedmeshesinstancedist n
View distance ratio for other plants (default 20)

shows quality settings
you can set the quality for each shader manually
0=low/1=med/2=high/3=very high
(not sure if it works)

quit to Desktop (without saving)

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My setting all works well game looks great

wh_horse_CameraCentering = 0

wh_pl_FastTravelEnabled = 0
wh_pl_RandomEventsCooldownsEnabled = 0

sys_main_CPU = 0
sys_physics_CPU = 1
sys_streaming_CPU = 2
r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 4096
e_ShadowsPoolSize = 4096
sys_budget_sysmem = 8000

e_VolumetricFog = 1
r_AntialiasingMode = 2
r_Vsync = 0
cl_FOV = 80
sys_MaxFPS = 144
r_DepthofFieldMode = 0
r_MotionBlur = 0
r_Sharpening = 0
r_silhouettePOM = 0


Do you use them in a cfg file? does it work for you?

I’ve tried these but what do they do? I also cant change some of them to 0 like fast travel

I think this is default setting

can you tell some more about this?

doesnt this mean that you set ssdoradius to max 0.1? then min and radius wont make sense? or am I wrong

Hi, so the camera centering is the one regarding that your head will not be centering when you are riding a horse.

the cooldown and fasttravel settings work only if you enable restricted console commands.
Only problem I have so far that I cannot switch the Slow Mo off. Working on that.

The second one yeah I don’t have hypertreading on my I5 8400 so I set it to 0/1/2 just for sure.

The third one that is Vram available for the game wich is 4096 for me and RAM space for the game - 8000.

the last one that is special setting of ssdo to further improve visuals a little bit. In WH they like it little too bright and this settings of ssdo gets little bit more contrast for textures.

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did you do it like in this mod?

yeah thats the one. I wanted it to fly and see the Skalitz castle from inside. :slight_smile: Then I tried the other retricted settings. You just replace the whgame.dll. Or the other way you can do it manually in your existing whgame.dll wich I’m going to try now.

in game ones for game play

How does the rain work? I’d like to make it rain in my game more often. update: tried the r_rainamount command and it crashed my game, and makes it auto ctd when trying to launch :confused:

Any chance that you’ve added the -devmode command in desktop ink/shortcut?
Example, if you modified the postprocess command (r_PostProcessEffects) in engine.pak or in user.cfg file and starting the game with dev command, the game will get a infinite loading screen.
I’m personally feeling like i playing JKJA, where every command was write protected who changed the game into more uncut. And i cant believe that THQ or WH will offer the source code.
KCD will be a limited modifiable game. Reversing such things requires a compilation of the DLL files

delete my post

Nice. Want rain of 42secs and cloud cover of 59

Thank you for these … great stuff

I wish most of all these settings, tweaks & mods were directly part of the vanilla game.

They are. It’s the engine

I mean in the game options and not as a console command.

I know but you can’t have everything ingame lol

Where’s the problem to have more Anti-Aliasing settings, options for HUD, fog etc.?

delete my post

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An alt take is that since it’s teed up and functional why not embed it within game

Btw, it’d be the dog’s bollocks if I could use mods as I do in FO4

I want a perfect vanilla game first before using mods. But thanks for your effort to make and recommend your mod to me.