Mastering the art of swordfighting

Greetings folks,

Here are some little tips and tricks, that might help those of you who struggle with the combat. I hope some of you will find that useful and actually find joy in the best combat system implemented in a game so far!

The dodge:

Block, perfect block and riposte:

The feint:

The combos:

The clinch:

Advanced riposte:

Combining all the above:

Thank you for your time.


Hi, do you play with ultra graphics? What are your computer specs? Thx

Hello, to answer your question, no I play on medium and am waiting for a few patches bef0re I try to play on higher graphics.

GPU: GeForce GTX 1070
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.92 GB RAM usable)
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB

Nice videos. Running at 60 fps and still cannot get any good input like I see i these videos. The input and feedback from that input is so off I cannot tell if I’m doing anything of if every button push is just a roll of some dice. Also tried a gamepad and didn’t have any better feedback.

Dodging from example doesn’t seem to work from side to side. I can press a direction key before the shield icon turns green, right when it turns green, or right after it turns green. When dodge happens appears to be totally random.

sigh Really wanting like this combat system but can’t at this point as the input to action is so off.

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues. Is it possible that your stats, agility. strength and skills/feats are not leveled enough?
Also I had riposte unlocked in the skills, but could not perform it before I spoke to Bernard and asked him to teach me. Have you tried talking to him and seeing what options he gives you?

Oh, I’ve been in the ring with him a while. My sword skill is only 7. I meet the stat requirements for the weapons I use. It just feelings like a crap shoot. I Press a key and sometimes the action happens some times it doesn’t. Do you have to press SPACE + Direction to dodge? I’ve tried all kinds of things. At this point my game should just roll dice and not have any directional input as it seems pointless.

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Cranked me up when Bernard was kicking your ass :smiley: Nice of you to make these vids

In order to dodge you just need to press the direction you want to dodge in, no need to press the space button.

Man he can be so annoying sometimes, I’m trying to tech and he would start attacking as I’m his worst enemy.

Here is a short video of me fighting four opponents and overcoming them through excellent swordsmanship.

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Hey buddy - it may be that your strength and sword abilities are still too low to execute everything you want. It would be a bit OP to be able to practice and then not have to face the development curve a real swordsman would have to face learning from scratch. Once your stats (STR and AGI) improve along with Sword, you will see a difference.

LOL - nice work! It does highlight, however, how bad the AI is. At times you are attacking the guy in the centre and the other two don’t take the opportunity to surround you. It’s also a bit unrealistic that the archer seems to hit you a few times but apparently doesn’t hit anything that would hurt or slow you down.

Some realism options for “Hardcore”:

  • Make it so there is a high risk you trip and fall if you run backwards while fighting on anything but open ground
  • Force the AI enemies to surround and attack you simultaneously (even Ubisoft knows this one)
  • Any strike to the face without a visor should cause huge damage. It seems thrust to the face is damaging but slash is not.

I agree with you. There issues with the AI and it depends on where you fight, sometimes they really do surround and bash you to death, sometimes they just behave weirdly.
I’ve noticed it especially with archers, as you can. see the video, he just sits there with his bow instead of taking out his melee weapon

You actually don’t learn the perfect block and dodge perks until you do the main quest to train with Bernard as soon as you get to Rattay.

I’m having difficulty changing the direction of my attacks with mouse and keyboard.
It would be great to have a dummy to practice basic weapon control on.


Yeah I was actually thinking about a dummy today, but try doing Bernard’s combo practice until you feel confident enough to try it out on him in sparring mode.

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I’ll try to do an advanced combo video, where I try to explain how it works and the timinigs, but due to Bernard being a bitch and riposte-ing more than he should it’s a bit messy

1 Like here is a duel of me and the wayfaring knight, where I execute 3 combos.

It would be so nice to actually have a sword ! Try my awesome weaponless Ps4 version. bug .bug.bug.bug.bug.bug.
Return to seller in the morning. Such a disappointment.

Thanx for these Vids. Before I watched them Bernard almost killed me in a real sword training fight and I sucked. After watching the Vids I beat him in 3 Repostes and sent him home XD. Wow now clinkin swords is a lot more enjoyable now I have some idea. I went and found a bandit camp and my usual stay on my horse and arrow them in tha asses was replaced with cutting em up with my longsword. Thanx a mill for the vids mate, helped heaps.

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