Movies to watch while playing KCD

I like to watch movies about the theme of the game I’m playing. It’a a good thing to do when one wants to get “in the spirit” of the theme in a more deep way.
I recommend the classic “EL CID”, with Charlston Heston and Sophia Loren. It’s a MUST WATCH for those who are enjoying KCD and like the medieval theme in general.

How about you guys? Wich movies do you recommend watching while playing KCD?

Cheers from Brazil, Alespla

I am watching tv shows. One good one is “A world without end”. It follows the lives of everday people in England in the middle ages.

I havent seen it for about thirty years… (dont remember it well)-

Perhaps - In the name of the rose.

Think it may have had sean connery in it too…

A location photo taken from wikipedia- explains had one of largest ‘outdoor’ sets since Cleopatra.
Director travelled for four year to find shooting locations (and select cast).

Time/location and ‘feel’, being close…

Some other nice movies…

i usually have zvideos on in the background

Hi, there is Black Death (2010):


Yes, The name of the rose (1986), is a must see. Maybe it even was a source of inspiration for quests in the monastery…

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Also you may want to watch Flesh+Blood (1985): (quite enjoyable even if it is far from a realistic depiction of the times), and The Last Valley (1971): (this is a really good movie taking place during the religion wars. Jan Hus’ preachings and fate are the earliest premices of these evebts (sorry about my English).

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Last, there is this (realistic) french movie focused on peasants’ life: The Return of Martin Guerre (1982):

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You definitely have to watch “Queen Margot” as one of the best historical movies out there and the story plays one century later after Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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[1938] The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)
[1952] Ivanhoe (Robert Taylor)
[1952] The Dark Avenger (Errol Flynn)
[1953] Knights of the Round Table (Robert Taylor)
[1954] King Richard and the Crusaders (Rex Harrison)
[1954] The Black Shield of Falworth (Tony Curtis)
[1954] Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner)
[1958] Robin Hood der Rebell (Lex Barker &‎ Rossana Rory)
[1960] Sword of Sherwood Forest (Richard Greene)
[1960] Knight of 100 Faces
[1961] The Secret of the Black Falcon
[1961] Die Rache des Ritters
[1961] El Cid (Charlton Heston)
[1962] Das Schwert des Cid
[1962] Die Kastilier
[1962] Die Graue Galeere/Odio mortale
[1963] Das Schwert des Königs
[1963] Lancelot
[1965] The War Lord (Charlton Heston)
[1965] The Revenge of Ivanhoe (Rik Van Nutter & Gilda Lousek)
[1967] A Challenge for Robin Hood (Barrie Ingham)
[1968] The Lion in Winter (Peter O’Toole)
[1968] Alfred the Great
[1970] Die Kreuzritter Kampf der Könige 1+2
[1971] Das Normannische Schwert
[1976] Robin and Marian (Sean Connery & Audrey Hepburn)
[1979] Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand (Raimund Harmstorf)
[1982] Ivenhoe (Anthony Andrews)
[1982] Sword of the Valiant
[1986] The Name of the Rose (Sean Connery)

In addition to the great recommendations above I would add:-

Knights Of The Teutonic Order (1960 Poland) - A grand medieval epic.
The Valley Of The Bees (1968 Czech) - Peasants, Monastic Orders, Castles, Grime, Murder.
Marketa Lazarova (1967 Czech) - Peasants, Filthy Villages, Wolves, Bow and Arrow Violence, Winter, Cruel Overlords, Bandits. A Masterpiece!
Mariken van Nieumeghen (1974 Netherlands) - Peasants, Witchcraft, Robbery, Murder, Grimy Taverns, Satan.
Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors (1965 USSR/Ukraine) - Peasants, Axes, Adultery, Murder, Wine, Winter, Forests, Goats.
El Caminante (1979 Spain) - Peasants, Corrupt Nobles, Nudity, Satan, Coifs, Murder, More Nudity.


Outstanding post This guy knows what he’s talking about. Most of these films are free on video sites in English subtitles too. How much do we owe you for this wisdom friend?

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Cheap Wine, Kirksty… and maybe some Lentil Mush.

I spend far too much time watching movies, i’m sure I could come up with some more. I’m certain that the KCD devs are very informed by the two Czech films mentioned, the director is well known there, so I believe.

Witchhammer (1970) is another Czech film that could be of interest. While not exactly in keeping with the tone and era of KCD, it is set in later times and is a central european take on witchcraft and inquisition, similar to Witchfinder General.

The Russian film Hard To Be A God (2013) really wallows in the blood, dirt and snot of medieval life. While nominally it is a sci-fi film, it is set on a different planet, it is in reality a medieval setting and the sci-fi elements are kept to a minimum. It is 3 hours long though and a very challenging watch, incredibly intense and in your face; hardly a minute goes by without some form of bodily excretion being shoved into the camera. I liked it personally!

The film Alfred The Great (1968) that Rataj mentions above is interesting. While I think it has many flaws (the lead actor David Hemmings is badly miscast), it has a really authentic feel and setting to it. It’s been a while since I watched it, I should check it out again. A younger Ian Mckellan can be seen in this.

I am not much interested in very authentic movies. I am only dreaming about old days where i was forced to watch many of these movies at lunch with my parents. :smile: Compared to new movies, I like the fact that they needed a lot of people to make such films. :sunglasses: i hate computer generated landscapes or effects in general. But my favourite ones are [1952] The Dark Avenger with Errol Flynn as Edward Prince of Wales or a german production, [1979] Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand with Raimund Harmstorf as the Götz. And it is the best adaptation of Goethe’s work for me

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The Princess Bride is very similar
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
The Church by Dario Argento I think the church is used in the game because its in Hungary somewhere


2 movies from wrong period that i’d watch nonetheless… centurion or a jester’s tale. One of those or the movie based on the Battle of Vienna … The Day of the Siege (Die Belagerung – September Eleven 1683)

i’m waiting for a medieval version of Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan

Awesome to see Raimund Harmstorf get a mention! The star of Blutiger Freitag! I tried to find an english friendly copy of the film you mention a few years ago but had no luck. I see it co-stars Michele Mercier, a beautiful lady and screen presence.

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Love me some Argento.

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