The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC


The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon for Kingdom Come: Deliverance revolves around Hans Capon´s attempts to woo the fairest maid he has ever set eyes upon, and his success will not depend only on his own mastery of the art of love – it’s also up to his trusty wingman, you - Henry, to ensure that The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon come to a happy end!

That’s the main objective linking three new quests, in which you will not only have to read love poems, arrange a nighttime tryst and keep an enraged butcher at bay, but also infiltrate the camp of a band of bloodthirsty brigands, enter a dice tournament, dig up a corpse, investigate a murder and… er… perhaps commit a few. All for love, of course!

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How to start the Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC?
The Quest can be activated through multiple variants:
1. You complete both quests: “Next to Godliness” and “Robber Baron”
2. You failed the quest: “Next to Godliness”
3. You start “Epilogue”

How to start the Tournament free DLC
The Activity can be activated through multiple variants:
1. You can talk to Hans Capon after completing or failing “Next to Godliness” quest
2. You can talk to blacksmith in Samopesh village after “Awakening” quest (after meeting with sir Radzig at Pirkstein castle)
3. the tournament starts automatically if you already started “Epilogue”
4. the tournament is cancelled after entering the Vranik hillfort until “Epilogue”, then continues

Point 1. or 2. each activate a sub-quest related to Tournament and you can do both of these if you want to. After receiving one of the sub-quests, the tournament will be convened.

The tournament takes place once every 7 days and is not available in the intervening period. Check your journal to find all the information you need not to miss this great event…

Here are the Patchnotes


People are reporting problems with the DLC2, few of them are real bugs, but there is also a lot of problems that are tied with not understanding. Feel free to contact us on with your problems, we will try to help/investigate further!


Any news about the release on GOG? I’ve read that there were some “problems” with GOG but no details around that. It would be nice to be informed and maybe given an approximate availability date (depending on the problem obviously).

Got the DLC, but still have the show-stopper :frowning_face:

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The GoG version has been Released shortly after you have asked the question :slight_smile:

Thank you @ilya1502, we will take a look at the problem :slight_smile:

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I hope so. I have submitted a bug report with a game save file.

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I would like it if a community manager could address the current situation regarding the rather bad Steam reviews. Only 42% of the people respond positively. Many complain about the DLC being 2 hours instead of 10 hours. I hope someone can explain me how this will not happen in the future if possible.

When looking at the ‘‘From the Ashes’’ you can see 60% of all reviews is positive but only 41% of recent is positive. When you look at the complaints you see many people complain about how short it is.

An argument given was that the DLC is between 10 and 20 hours because you have to get money and such. This of course is not a valid argument when you say people have plenty of money, so much even, they need bigger projects to spend it on. In the base game, people have excess money. Therefor you cannot say the time of gathering money is done because of the DLC. The time gathering money was already in the game before the DLC and thus does not count to what the DLC added. You cannot add time that is already there. It is like eating the same sandwich twice, it just isn’t possible.

With this in mind, it seems to me that WH has not learned from their first DLC.

I would appreciate a reaction regarding the bad Steam reviews. Mabye I overlooked something. Mabye there is something we don’t know about that will counter the terrible Steam reviews.

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After not playing for a few months I would also like to say making changes to base game to improve the DLC in some way is not right. We complained we had to much gr. And nothing to do with it. You release fta but still that’s only a few hours worth of game play plus not really a dent in in players who grind 600-1000 gameplay like myself. To make it harder and make the first DLC seem better, you’ve changed a lot of the pick lock difficulty on chests. These chests where the go to ones to get the gr. To progress early game. Now there very hard chests. This also has gone to far when you can’t progress a certain part of main story due to the shed at the blacksmith in sasau now being a very hard lock pick door instead of hard so I can no longer confront him about the copper. You can’t changed base game to fit your dlc’s. And the way the DLC is coming across it’s starting to make me feel like it was all intended to be in the game anyway but ended up cut content. That once you released the game you decided to try and line pockets further

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Oh and just seen the charlatan is back and you can now do his mission…You know the one I started in base game? Come on just admit it. This is all cut content your now hiding behind a pay wall

For me the Charlatan is back even though I don’t have the 2nd DLC yet, so it might be from the new 1.7 patch.


Worth reading…

Dear fans and supporters,

Development is a process! Over 110 people are working hard at Warhorse Studios to ensure a quality standard in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that we and you are expecting. To ensure this level of content quality we heavily rely on your feedback and try to include as much input from our player base as possible. On Tuesday the 16th, we released the free “Tournament” update and a new DLC, “The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon." Unfortunately, a bug slipped through our systems which was only visible due to the high number of players that were playing the DLC on various system setups. Under certain circumstances, a bug may render part of the DLC content inaccessible, making the DLC questline seem too short and straightforward. With your help, many bugs were identified and are being fixed as we speak. The associated patch is going to be released as soon as possible to offer the full spectrum of the DLC to every player.

We are deeply sorry for the circumstances and the frustration.


Thank you for the candor, and look forward to further development

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glad to hear it

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Looking forward for the DLC patch.

For me the DLC works quite good (playing PC), I’m “only” affected with known charlatan’s bugged quest.

So far I have completed new following achievments:
“I Can Quit Anytime”
“Lord Capon’s Ghost”
“Arena Master”

I’m about to try “True Friend”.
If my guessing is correct “Ledetchko Revenant”, “Christian Burial” and “Not-so-Christian Burial”
are connected with “temporary inaccesible” content.


Well done for making the release early/mid week.
Many players were able to test your products before critical mass (weekend) hit.

Your company has been given a grace period to communicate to the wider player base what issues to expect (and work towards repairing product and consumer relations).
Hopefully some communication, a dash of tact, and a lot of humble words can ease prospective judgement.

Other users have noted: DLC serves a product like Kingdom Come far better when it delivers constantly usable in game mechanics and content.
Suggestions have already been made to have Capons DLC offer up some change to maingames story line as an incentive to play it… arguable; but a ‘home village’ should offer that.
Whilst I have no plans to buy DLC until the product becomes what it was sold as (likely now only possible if a community starts to mod it), I like the idea that DLCs can add new graphics/items/rules that modders can then utilise.

I get everything the studio does now seems reactionary. That many cast stones saying ‘cash grab’ DLC, after ‘cash grab’ early release game…
The only way to ease the minds of your loyal followers is to deliver on promises.
Making a Linux workable version is now a task requiring exceptionally little effort on Warhorses part (pre bake the shaders and allow us a download!?)…
Tightening game currency (no more mass looting of battlefield corpses (could be a hard core perk ‘Christian value/fear the dead’)) would extend the vanilla game play experience.

An issue I see with your communications come in time estimations with your products/releases…

Selling a game with 30-80 hours (later confirmed to be more still), which is a massive underestimate in time with the game, then selling ‘several hour’ DLCs as ‘ten+’ hours is crazy. This sets a consumers excitement/expectation- a bitter pill when they find out it was marketing hype.

People buying DLCs have the base product.
They have survived enough marketing hype with this product.
They make for a core audience of ‘believers’ who calue the product/want to see Warhorse deliver more and succeed in the marketplace (if only to make KCD 2.0).

This core audience are waiting for the base product to prove less turbulent.
Continue to build the dream that was pitched.
Fix the myriad back end systems that were pulled at the eleventh hour.
If you insist on charging us for incremental reinclusuons make sure the paying public get polish.

Its one or the other…
Either give us a cheap game and have us deal with issues (no reason to complain), or flog a dead horse for any coin you think you can take (and receive fair criticism for said antics/fair review based on value).

I think KCD is a great buy. (I like hundreds of hours spent in a virtual world)
I assume it will become a better game (no cost)

Not saying the new die game adjustments was just to make a dud AI prove a better challenge; but it doesnt support early adopters like myself who invested in a product that keeps changing for the worse.

I have a great PC.
Played KCD in Ultra + since launch.
Your team knows better than I do just how many times my product has been gimped and pulled back in the last half a year -to make lowest common denominator happy.

You have said with your product - we will build it and make it so…
And then deliver a game that needs a lot more culling before it starts to sync.

My belief back in Feb was ‘in due time’ game currency balancing (world immersion) would improve. Many things that looked to serve a deeper ‘potential’ game play would be fleshed out. .

What I am seeing is many things simply being pulled and culled and dropped and lessened, and now I can pay 1/6 my buy price for a few linear hours here and a new mechanic there…

Fine- your studio/your product!

Who is the target audience and potential market?
If you want general gamers then expect reciews saying FarCry is better. These peiple will buy DLCs and go for trophies.
If you want loyal Historical European Martial Arts enthusiasts etc then polish this gem.
This group will give you more money if it expands the long term value of the product.
Just need the product reliable and replayable.
Stop gimping Ultra and quality improvements (thank you for cloth physics!!)- the lifespan of your title will benefit from enhanced quality more than crippling it.
Using an advanced engine like Cryengine isnt for speed- it is for nature and for eye candy.

Know your product.
Know your audience.
Target one for the other.
Build appropriately.

Now that the dice game has been killed; can I pay $10 for a backgammon DLC?


Wow, dude, tha’ was one a heck of an onset! :hushed:

Should we still continue to play our game? Will this “bug” mess up our save files?
I already played through the DLC. My problem is with the tournament. He just tells me to wait. I waited more than a week… Nothing.

I also would like to know if the glitch where you do no damage to enemies will be fixed? This is a MAJOR problem. You can fix it by reloading the game. But after you lost long periods of gameplay. And you never know when this will happen.