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I’ve been searching for a mod that alters the timescale to 1:1 real time, which I prefer for immersion when playing open world games. Was hoping that I found a console command today, but it slowed down (or speeded up) the entire world and not just the day cycle.

I haven’t found any mod or plans for mod that does this (or console command that we don’t know yet). Is this something that someone is planning to do? Are there more people interested in this?



I would like this! But, I am on the xbox.



You could try:

t_gamescale =15
t_scale = 0.0666667

It makes things timed in ‘world seconds’ take 15 times as long (such as map/inventory transitions). But the world actions are happening in ‘real time’ without obvious visual acceleration.

Only just this minute tried this myself, so I can’t tell whether it has worked yet.

Downside #1, this results in slowtime on exiting most of the menus/questlog etc. Until t_gamescale is reset to 1. Probably an easy fix to some script line, but might interfere with the opening quest (where time passage is disabled) if naively forced. More investigation needed


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Nah. Causes lots of issues whenever timescaling transitions. Don’t use from the console.

Might be workable within the scripts/parameter files, but will probably cause some bugs before it settles to a workable form.


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Thanks Lieste! While this is only a temporary fix cause of the menus and stuff, this is nice to use sometimes if I want to walk around and explore without stress!

Edit: actually I tried this and it didn’t work for me, it made the menus really slow but the game speed was still the same.



You could try this line, i myself use add this in Tutorial.lua and start a new game, but need more testing as well

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Much than this, a real time option with realistic hunger/tiredness cycles, seasons for weather/flore/agriculture/hunt could be awesome but definitively not by default because way too hardcore…



Would you mind expanding on this a bit. I had a quick look and could not find any .lua files including Tutorial.lua, unless they are in a .pak file. Would like to test this also.




With a new row for

<row rpg_param_key="DefaultWorldTimeRatio" rpg_param_value="2" /> would set the default timescale from x15 to only x2 (suitable for ‘Rataje to Skalitz’, with “1” the scale suitable for local time.

I opted for x2 as a best compromise between simplification of the world and actions in it, the excision of some areas and the “real size” of what was left. Simple to add to any trivial mod, easy to test. Have fun.
(Might not work on first load ~ wait or sleep to cycle the default timer - my first night seemed very brief, but my day after resting for an hour has been somewhat longer. (3+ hours, with numerous cutscenes/tranisitions and still in the same ‘afternoon/evening/night’.).

Let me know if this is not working correctly for you, but I think it is a good solution for now.


Console Command to adjust time passage?
Console Command to adjust time passage?

I would like such a mod, indeed.



Thanks a lot for the details. I will aim to do some testing once I have completed a full play through as vanilla.



Yikes! Do you also want a one-to-one map? I’m an immersion fiend, but even I have limits. You realize you’ll have to wait 48 actual hours of game-time between quests in some questlines? (I’m specifically thinking of Courtship here)



The groundscale is 1:1 locally, and over most town-town journeys. From opposite corner to corner it is approx 2:1

A time scale of 15:1 is to me a significant distortion and also inhibits careful play in hours of darkness (for example).

I don’t think a 1:1 mapping is necessary though, which is why I proposed a change of the default scale from 15-2 in the code snippet.

Waiting and sleeping, reading etc remain the same (relative to game time-of-day), with the same requirements, but the motion of the sun, moon etc are slower.While actively ‘playing’

Shadow updates are slower and more smooth. The player isn’t as frequently “rushing” to get things done in the last 12 minutes (3 hours) of daylight, but can get more done in the last “half hour” of light…



Is new game required for that? It doesn’t work for me as I expected. Setting DefaultWorldTimeRatio to 2 slows down satiety/energy drain but in-game time flow stays at the same level.



Nooo way bro, its now exactly 1 year ago, but i just started to play this game for my first time with all dlc‘s and newest update version 1.8.2, and your mod is STILL WORKING, haha dude thats amazing, couldn’t find anything else in google!