Alpha Bugs list

I ran into this bug on my first playthrough, Seems like the skybox isn’t applied at certain angles for that pond:
Same playthrough, Ambient occlusion seems to render through objects on occasion:
Farming is a very…very personal business:
The secret to a good home cooked meal is distance. You don’t want the food to think you’re desperate:
She later decided to take her cooking out on the porch for better lighting:

Also, I decided to chronicle the misadventures of Bernard, the Blinded Blacksmith. He might be dangerous but he’s dear to our village:

Not a bug, but I decided to link my lets play here in case anyone isn’t able to play and wants to watch. Also, pretty much all of the bugs shown so far are in the video.

I’m running on an AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphics card, and an AMD FX 8350 CPU, my graphics drivers are up to date. Absolutely gorgeous game though, great work so far guys!


Same issue, thought my driver was out of date. I’m also running AMD.

I noticed that if you get in the water, it seems to be based off of viewing angle.

The statue is kind of blurry.
This NPC really want to get in that wall.
I think I clicked but not sure if that or just sudden bug.

-Chickens appear to walk through props, however they seem to correctly avoid structures
-Chickens animation will “skip” after a few walk cycles, appears to be random and not based on animation loops
-Pressing Use again on a door while in motion does stop the door from opening, however after pressing Use again, the door skips the rest of the animation and resets to the last non-animated state.

Also, is there supposed to be audio playing during dialog? I see the text but no audio, not sure if I missed that in some notes.


Don’t run the game and record it with fraps :stuck_out_tongue: it will kill the game xD!
Same with nvidia recording
And the NPC’s are trolling ;D

I don’t think there is supposed to be audio, at least I didn’t get any.

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Got stuck in corner, couldn’t get out anymore. Only thing left to do was to stare through wall.

Spotted also this item in storage room

NPCs put down items they are working with or using in mid air or sit where there’s no seat often. The little table in the alleyway where everyone drinks especially there were mugs floating in air and a guy sitting at the woodpile.

Blacksmith hammers steel in mid air and quenches it in mid air.

Also, suggest adding beds for all NPCs to enhance the realism of their daily routine.

Graphically incredible, no major crashes or performance problems, good start guys.


When jumping over fence and looking at your feet at the same time, you see that you’re actually glitching through it.

NPC-s love to work mid-air. Chickens don’t care about obstacles and go through them. You can’t pick up dropped clothes.

Behind blacksmith house is small woodpile shed. If you climb on top of the logs you clitch through roof,

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The water discoloration is worse at night.

After i saw a flying female npc the game crashs.
It was the only one but i play on high and max resolution (1680x1050)
I can see the r_displayinfo 1 to the half.
But amazing game

I crash every time on very high settings seconds after pressing new game. I manage to last about a minute on High settings then crash. My frame rates are flawless and very high when playing, then crash to desktop. My desktop background disappears and turns solid blue, as well as all my icons disappear and cant get them back without restarting my PC.

System Specs:
nVidea GTX 680
Cor i7 920 @ 2.79Ghz(no OC atm)
4 gig Ram
Windows 8.1

((EDIT: I just got a “CryEngine: Memory Allocation Error” I went to printscreen it, but when I pressed “okay” on the eror box my entire PC crashed and rebooted! pls help! Is 4 gigs of memory not enough??))

Here’s another fun one. Apparently these NPCs really like that table.

Also, I think I found the witch.


Ive had some crashing issues it usually crashes about every hour. But most of the bugs im having are really just npcs doing weird things nothing that bad. I have had a lady standing on the roof of a house which was hilarious. Ive had to start over a few times because i cant talk with certain npcs. But other wise this is fucking awesome and i am loving this.

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NPCs seem to be having problems opening doors. The door doesn’t animate so it looked like they were ghost walking through doors. Also, I found a chicken that walked pass walls. Few NPCs were flying just like in these screenshots. Lastly, I stripped myself of clothing by dropping my armor. I couldn’t pick them up afterwards. Perhaps maybe that wasn’t implemented yet. I noticed that when I ram to any NPCs, they just continue walking like nothing really happened. I think the NPCs should get knocked out or something like in Skyrim. Forgot to mention on first try the game just crashed.

My specs:

  • Nvidia 970 gtx 4gb ddr5
  • Intel I5 3330
  • 8 gb ram
  • Windows 8.1

The game crashes before it even started.


When I dropped items from my inventory I could not pick them up.

  1. NPCs’ animation continues in the dialogue, even when they turn around to you. This makes them stir a soup in the air and such.

  2. Sometimes the NPC just tells you he’s got no time for chitchat and continues walking. I like this, but the dialogue should end itself. Also NPCs sometimes do not turn to you in a dialogue.

  3. When a dialogue starts near another person or an object, the view of the two speakers is usually covered by the unimportant stuff.

  4. Chicken walk through stuff