WASD controls are not for me

Yeah, but we left-handers use the mouse in the left hand which makes the arrow keys much more suitable for the right hand. That is the point they are making. Being able to map the keys is a must for me.

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Not to worry, it’s supposed to be ready for the final release. You can read the comment here: Will this game work well with XBox One controller on Win 10?

Also, considering the recent Street Fighter V release that did not include key mapping, and the outcry it received because of it, I don’t think there are any game devs that don’t understand the importance of key mapping.


I wish it was true that Devs can learn, but even Fallout 4 had terrible key remapping. :persevere:

But we are not Bethesda :wink:


I’ll believe that when I can map my keys. :wink:

BTW, it already scares people that you might not be able to save when you want.

Devs should know by now, that should not even be an question. Of course players should be able to save when they want.

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Please feel free to continue your discussion on saving system Here.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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Okay, I’ve been patient.

Where the hell are my key options?

I don’t use WASD and never will. It’s beta. Can you please put simple key options, so I can play the friggin beta, please.

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I dunno where the Hell is, but keybinding was not promised for beta, it was speculated that it could appear in beta, but nothing was promised. So I guess you will have to be bit more patient.
Tagging @DrFusselpulli maybe he knows something.
And also @MadSmejki who before answered some “key” questions.

They are lost somewhere in the future :smiley:

He still exists? :wink:

I suppose so

We haven’t spoken in a while proky, how have you been?

I’ve heard he’s omnipresent but shhhhhh.

We are now concentrating on more urgent and essential stuff which if missing would break parts of the game or render them unusable. ‘Hardcoded’ controls are no such thing. You can play with them perfectly though possibly not comfortably. Rebindable keys however a basic and relatively simple feature are planned for much later down the road.
However I understand the frustration. I used to play on arrows up until relatively recently and I very well remember what it felt like to into a non-rebindable game. And frankly I also dislike some of our current controls. Until we implement the feature or at least some basic support (like ini file) maybe try using some key remapper/rebinder software. Can’t guarantee functionality though.


Thank you for the response.

I guess I’ll just keep checking back each month until I can play test with everyone else.

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I just bought the Beta and am disappointed I can’t remap the keys on my keyboard.
Being left handed the current keymapping doesn’t work for me.
I’ll have a walk around the village but anything else I’ll have to wait.
When can we expect a remappable keyboard in your timeline?


Why doesn’t WASD work for the sinister folk?

Just move the keyboard across, during combat you only need the cluster that falls under one hand. Seems unlikely that this only works for dextrous folk.

(Alternatively use a controller).

Put your right hand on WASD and left on mouse.Now try reaching all the different keys… doesn’t work very well does it!!!

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Please configurable keys and mouse for next update!

I would like to communicate problems or bugs, but movement with WASD is terrible. That’s why I don’t play much.