Ended up getting Cuman armor

So I ended up killing one of the Cuman guys, somehow I ended up glitching on accident in the fight at the camp and survived with 0 health so having a sword, ran over to the Cuman camp and killed one of the guys, not sure if you are supposed to be able to kill them or not, they are very difficult but looted one of the guys.

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Killing them is actually apart of one of the quests. Good Job.

When you practice more you’ll start to realize you need more cumans!


That looked so good!

Gotchya, I killed them again, got the other Cuman guys armor, looks pretty sweet.

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Using bow, it is quite easy to kill them.

With sword though, that is whole different matter.

Too bad that the villagers/soldiers don’t react properly to the cuman armor.


If you can keep the same save game going and level your sword fighting skill and strength the become rather easy 1 on 1, still a challenge 2 on 1.

That’s my question to the devs. Will they? I so hope they will!
And that you can change the armor at a blacksmith to give it the looks of “normal” armor and you don’t look like a cuman any longer. You need to adjust it to your fitting anyways, that’s what I heard …


Fitting of an armor was disscused here and it seems that it will be there.

Reactions to player’s clothing also appeared in the same topic. Here is link for specific comment. Though answer was not so much clear, but I would assume that wearing cuman armor with mask should make NPCs act approprietly.

But keep in mind that Warhorse right now has some problems with AI so there might be some radical changes.

“kinda” … hmpf … Thank you very much for finding it!
What kind of AI problems do they have? Do you have a [link][1] for that, too?
[1]: http://safebooru.org//images/806/1a7ed722f2efb48ff9e69ab6dc5cfdf224341cdd.jpg?811933

Here is link that kinda explains something.
Otherwise I talked with Warhorse guys at Celebrations of Jan Hus and they told me that AI is now biggest problem.
AI is also a reason why time skip takes so long.


IMO the fight looks too static, too boring… There isn’t enough rush and the AI could not use its numerical advantage properly. I hope the combat system would be improved to be more fluid and dynamic in the future.

how do you switch between targets so quick?

I have an xbox controller and just push the look analogue towards the enemy.

Yeah but they’re fighting me to the death.I doubt combat was really that fast when it came to warriors and soldiers who have just put down the Hoe and spade to be enlisted,potentially forced to.

Yes, as far as I experience in Live Roleplay, only the really good ones go at each other with everything they have. As more inexperienced one and if you have something to lose, you tend to be careful and go around each other often to wait for an opening.
I remember from one of the videos that if your level increases, you will be quicker. That would mean that the opponent will be quicker with increasing level, too. So when both are faster, the fight’s pace will increase significantly.

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I’d love to see enemies retreating or surrendering because of low morale. For example, at 2:25 in the above video one of the enemies says: “Fuck this! I’m not getting myself killed”, but instead of running away, he just stands there waiting for Henry to kill him.
Also, it would be great if the enemies become more aggressive and willing to fight if they see some weakness in Henry, just as in real life.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. I wasn’t all that impressed with the combat AI there–although I say that knowing that they’ve had issues with that and it’s an ongoing process.

It seemed like they weren’t taking advantage of the fact they had 2 against 1, and their aggressiveness just seemed far too low. I can understand that combat tactics back then might have been more calculated, and I appreciate that realistic element. But I didn’t get a real sense that these two guys wanted to kill.

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Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I have had it where he ran off into the woods and I lost him.

Issue is when I returned to the camp he was ready to fight again but still said “fuck this”

Actually they did react when I had cuman armor on, when I was in the new town I walked by the farmers and for no reason they started screaming and running. I will try to get a video