Official bug reporting guideline

Hello Community, if you want to help us to find all the bugs in the game, please visit

LOGIN on the top right corner with your username and password from our main website.
Most of you use the same username and password also on the Warhorse Launcher.

Go to
PROJECT in the top menu and choose Kingdom Come Deliverance
(which is the only option right now)

Please check for already reportet bugs on ISSUE
and report new bugs on NEW ISSUE

SUBJECT This is for a short name or description of the bug.

DESCRIPTION Here you can fill in more details about what happened, what you were doing or other important points about the bug. Please keep it short and precise, there is no need for you to say hello and introduce yourself or write a long story about what happened. Just short facts are enough.

Do you use Steam or Launcher?

„East of Samopesh near the river“
„At the cutscene at the start of the game“
„At the dialogue with Ludmila in the Camp“
„In the main menu“
„On Windows when I want to start the game“

In addition you can use this map to mark a spot in the game:

„A Texture Bug on the ground“
„Game just freezes“
„A dialog option just shows up as something with an @ and strange numbers“
„The game crashes when I want to change the settings“
„I got a dialog box with following content“

Repro steps:
Describe in steps what you were doing so we can hopefully reproduce the bug.
„Equip a Torch -> Mount the Horse”
„Changed LOD distance in advanced settings -> Continue with game”

FILES: Here you should upload a screenshot of the bug, a game-log or a DxDiag-file.
(Run dxdiag.exe in Windows/System32 folder. Clicking on “Save all information” will create your HW log in a txt file)

Click the CREATE button to upload your message about the bug.